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Zhejiang university biological technology co., LTD(Formerly known as:Shengzhou dongda chemical co., LTD)Founded in1995Years,Is located in shaoxing opera、Go of the township,Tie、All of the tea—Zhejiang shengzhou。Companies around the beautiful scenery,She has beautiful scenery,LTD Adjacent to hangzhou、Ningbo、Yiwu,Close to three、Kim yong expressway,Throughout the year104National highway,The transportation is convenient。Is located in shengzhou shengzhou avenue shan lake street1111Number,Cover an area of an area1.99Ha( 29.85m),Workshop9500Square meters。 Company management products for fumaric acid、Ferrous fumarate,Annual output15000Tons。    Neusoft biotechnology in good faith for a foothold,Quality as the life source,The management idea of innovation for the development of power。Heartfelt thanks to friends at home and abroad to our company's deep affection and support,We are willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from home and abroad,Hand in hand,For a better future。

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The phone:0575-83116888
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